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Kulorthene Series ABCITE® thermoplastic powder coatings have been developed specifically for enhanced long term corrosion protection, high impact strength and excellent exterior weathering.

Kulorthene Series ABCITE® thermoplastic powder coatings have been developed specifically for enhanced long term corrosion protection, high impact strength and excellent exterior weathering.

Environmental Conditions
• Does not suffer from premature failure through embrittlement
• Excellent coverage of edges and welds
• Tactile grip and warm feel
• Very good sound and electrical insulation properties
• Low flammability and low smoke and toxic fume emissions
• Environmentally friendly - 100% recyclable, no VOC's, plasticisers, TGIC,heavy metals or halogens
• Coating is easy to repair in-situ
• Excellent adhesion without the need for primers

  • Excellent resistance to exterior weathering, sun
• Excellent chemical resistance, including acids, alkalis and road salts
• Potable water certifications - suitable for contact with drinking water and food
• Vandal and graffiti resistance
• Excellent impact and abrasion resistance - will not chip or
• Long term corrosion protection to metal items
 Kulorthene Series Abcite®
Abcite® is a thermoplastic powder coating which melts and flows to form a very hard, flexible and impervious coating.
• Traditional (thermoset) powders must first melt and then chemically cross-link to develop their physical properties and adhesion.
• The curing/cross-linking schedule is therefore critical for traditional thermoset powder coatings to attain their full properties and appearance. This can require long oven cycle times.
• Abcite® only has to melt onto the surface to provide adhesion, and when the coating is cooled full appearance and physical properties are ensured. Abcite® can be applied from 200 to 3,000 microns.
• Traditional powder coatings are applied at 50 to 100 microns.
Kulorthene Abcite® coatings can be repaired in-situ using the same polymer system.
• Traditional powder coatings can only be repaired in-situ with a paint overcoat which may not have the same physical or weathering properties as offered by the original powder.
Benefits include
Exceptional resistance against salt spray,humidity, most common chemicals, acids,and alkalis. Abcite® coatings have high elongation properties, excellent mechanical resistance, are solvent free, have excellent substrate adhesion without the need for primers, superior chip resistance, and will provide superior substrate protection even to sub zero temperatures.
Product Description
Abcite® X60 A step up in chip and abrasion resistance.
Abcite® X60 is based on DuPont Surlyn resin the same polymer used for the tough outer skin of golf balls.
Abcite® X60 is a high build thermoplastic powder coating with superior edge coverage, substrate adhesion, and excellent corrosion and UV protection without the use of a primer. It is designed for various application techniques eg; electrostatic spraying, fluidised bed, and flame spraying.

Chemical Resistance
Abcite® X60 has excellent resistance to chemical attacks by both acids and alkalis however application-specific chemical resistance testing is recommended. It is also highly resistant to permeation by liquids. It also has good anti graffiti properties.

Typical Applications
Abcite® X60 is particularly suitable for outdoor light poles, sign posts, street and garden furniture, bike racks, marine fittings and fixtures, balustrades, railings and trellis, fencing panels, motorway guard rails, battery boxes, water pipes, valves and fittings, farm and agricultural equipment, mining and infrastructure in fact anywhere that increased hardness and abrasion resistance is required.

Independently Tested to ISO Standards
Abcite® X60 has been independently tested in Germany to ISO 12944-6. “Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems”. The coating meets the highest specifications of C5-M and Im3
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thermoplastic powder coating
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