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Welcome to Safetor Roof Anchors

All Safetor anchors are Certified to: ASNZS 5532.2013, ASNZS 1891.2.2001 and ASNZS 1891.4 2009

Patent Number: 503273
Provisional Patent Number: 759842
NZ Design Application Number: 427024

Please try our new website at safetorroofanchors.com

All the information on this website can be corroborated by a number of reputable sources.

Safetor Roof Anchors is proud to announce that we now have a multi horizontal & vertical lifeline system called SAMS, first of it's kind in the world.
For more information contact us at (+64) 021 448 004.

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Safetor Roof Anchors is the home of the original height safety roof anchors. We have been designing height safety roof anchors for over 30 years
Structual roof anchor

The most important thing to any height safety professional is their life, that’s why they choose Safetor height safety roof anchors because they know they can be trusted to do their job.

Most buildings are not built with height safety in mind, so it can be difficult to find a safe, secure roof anchor point for your rope or lanyard. With this in mind, Collins Corp supply a range of innovative permanent and temporary height safety roof anchor systems that allow you to utilize the natural features of commercial buildings to create a safe working environment.

Safetor design and manufacture height safety roof anchors to suit all your needs. We have standard designs or one of a kind.

Safetor Height Safety Structural, Concrete & Coolstore Roof Anchors Will:
  1. Reduce loading on the roofing structure if a fall occurs
  2. Absorb energy without becoming brittle through stress loading or cold temperatures
  3. Survive in the most severe environments without rusting or corroding
  4. Repel water because of the powder coating we use, snow or ice won't stick to the anchor
  5. Comply to all building codes and standards
  6. Safetor roof anchors exceed the testing mandate. This is well-proven and fully documented
  7. Our entire range of height safety roof anchors are manufactured in New Zealand
Call:      Nick today to discuss your Height safety roof anchor needs.
Mobile: 021 448 004
Email:   nick.roofanchors@gmail.com

When it comes to height safety roof anchors we are the specialists in: 
Working smart means working safe.  Always use the correct height safety roof protection when working at any height.  Only Height Safety Roof Anchors tested to AS/NZS 5532.2013 Standards should be used.

Who can install Safetor height safety roof anchors:
  Roof anchor installations can be carried out by any person that holds a current NZQA Qualification 15757 unit standard and that can understand and follow a PS1 from a structural engineer.
People that fall into this category are:
  1. Certified Builders 
  2. Steel Erectors or Engineers
  3. Roofing Contractors
  4. Height Safety Professionals

Standards and Building Code Compliance
Safetor Roof Structural and Concrete Roof Anchors meet all the following relevant performance and testing requirements of the AS/NZS Standards:
AS/NZS 5532 : 2013, AS/NZS 1891.4: 2009, AS/NZS 1891.2: 2001, AS/NZS 4488.1 & 2: 1997 and performance requirements of the New Zealand Building Code:
Relevant Code Clause: Basis of Compliance:   
Related documents: 
Structure B1.1  
Verification method B1/VM1; AS/NZS 5532:2013
Structure B1.3.3b  
Verification method B1/VM1; AS/NZS 5532:2013 
Durability B2.3.1b 
Verification method B2/VM1; ISO 12944 
Hazardous building materials F2.3.1 Alternative solution
Safetor Roof Structural Anchors and Safetor Concrete Roof Anchors are suitable for use in all exposure zones as described in NZS3604.

AS/NZS 1170                       ( Structural Design Actions) 
AS/NZS 4600                       ( Cold Formed Steel Structures)
NZS 3604                            ( Timber Framed Buildings)

NZS 3404                            ( Steel Structures)


 Cell load testing a Safetor Tri-Chem anchor

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Strings Attached Abseiling North Shore Hospital

Strings Attached water blasting the Hamilton Central Police Station Ascending Heights Ltd carrying out Building maintenance