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If you have had height safety anchors installed using the AS/NZS:1891.4.2009 as an anchor
testing Standard those anchors may need to be removed from service immediately as they may
not comply to the height safety standards and can be unsafe for use and pose a possible risk.

The AS/NZS1891.4.2009 is not an anchor testing standard and should not be treated as such.      

All height safety anchor points must be Compliance tested and pass the 6.3.2 dynamic testing procedures of AS/NZS 5532:2013,Manufacturing requirements for single-point anchor device
used for harness based work at height.  "This can be verified by contacting Worksafe NZ"

Fall Crisis Summit held in Australia go to:
  Safety News

Out of all the height safety anchors why choose
Safetor Height safety anchors ?

  • Safetor are specialists in designing and producing safe: Fall-Arrest, Abseil and Temporary anchor points.
  • Safetor are industry leaders in height safety anchors.
  • Safetor anchors are used by professionals for abseil and fall-arrest.
  • Safetor are committed to providing height safety anchors with your total safety in mind.
  • What makes us experts in height safety anchor points.? Because that`s all we do. 

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Safetor Height Safety Anchors are compliant to the AS/NZS 5532.2013 anchor testing Standard.
  • Engineer Certified
  • Drop Tested to the AS/NZS 5532.2013    Standard by: QSI
  • Load Tested to the anchor Standards by:MTL
View Drop test video

Height Safety anchors fail drop tests  Click to see videos

Safetor anchors are protected under the NZ Patent Act

NZ Patent No: 503273

 NZ Patent No: 328961

Company fined after worker falls from roof (Read More......)

Workers fined over scaffolding accident     (Read More......)

H&S Regulations
& Laws
The law recognises the hierarchy of controls (eliminate, isolate,minimise) as an effective way of managing health and safety. Preventing Falls From Height (Link)
  All buildings are required to have a current height safety management plan and have some form of fall protection". "Doing nothing is not an option"

Our anchors have been drop tested as per the AS/NZS 5532: 2013 also load tested and rated as per the AS/NZS 1891.2:2001 Standards Horizontal Lifeline and Rail Systems and also conform to the AS/NZS 1891.4:2009 Standards Industrial Fall Arrest Systems and Devices

Safetor Roof  Anchors™
can be purchased through any Steel & Tube, Chain & Rigging outlet in NZ

Who can Install Height Safety Anchors
Anchor installation can be carried out by your local : 
  1. Certified Builder (Builders work with timber structures and have a better understanding of the NZS3604 Timber Framed Buildings)
  2. Steel Erector or Engineers
  3. Roofing Contractors
  4. Height Safety Professional
Approved by:
New Zealand Safety Council and appraised by ACI Global who considered the anchors themselves and the technical information to be of a high standard.

Safetor stands for
(Safety Anchor For Every Type Of Roof)
So if we don`t have a height safety anchor in stock we can design one to suit your needs or building structure.

Our core business is:
Height Safety Anchor Points for Abseiling or Fall-Arrest and has been for over 17 years.

Our services also include:
Sales & Service        Anchor Placements
Anchor Inspections   Written Reports     

 Building Height Safety Management Plans

The Health and Safety Regulations require every Building to have:

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Range of Anchors
Structural Anchors for both Timber and Steel Buildings
Cool Store Anchors
Concrete Anchors
Topfix Anchors
Temporary Anchors

Ladder brackets

Fascia and wall mounted


May 1, 2007,  Collins Corporation Ltd™, one of four finalists, received a Health and Safety Award, Category 5, Best Design or Technology Initiative.

Standards Compliance
All Safetor Roof Anchors™ comply with all the codes listed below

Height Safety

DOL`s point of view on preventing falls when working at height is
"doing nothing is not an option"

Photo opposite
  • Falls on a job site can kill.
  • All your workers need to be standing right way up at the end of the day. 
  • In this day and age Height Safety management is very important.
  • Fines can be very costly. 



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