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New Anchor Products Semi-Permanent Anchor Points
commercial buildings are not built with height safety in mind, so it can be difficult to find a safe, secure anchor point for your rope or lanyard. With this in mind, we supply a range of innovative permanent and temporary anchor systems that allow you to utilize the natural

features of commercial buildings to create a safe working environment.


                           Parapet Anchor                

 " Material: High strength steel galvanized to provide corrosion.
 " MBL: 5000 lbs/23kN
 " Flange width adjustable from 60 mm to 360 mm.
" Net Weight 8575g

Certified To: EN 795: 2012 Type B and ANSI Z 359.1:2007

CODE                        Description                                     
HASSA11               Parapet Anchor                                   


                           Anchor Trolley Beam      

Mount the Beam Anchor Trolley onto an I-Beam to create an
instant rolling anchor point that will follow the user as they work.
Must be on a level horizontal beam to ensure the user does not
travel in the event of a fall.

" Material: Aluminium and Stainless Steel.
" MBL: 5000lbs/23kN.
" Flange width adjustable from 80 mm to 250 mm.
" Net Weight: 4.155 kgs ± 100g

Certified to: EN 795: 2012 Type B and ANSI Z 359.1:2007

CODE                            Description                                                  
MHA005                       Beam Anchor Trolley                                


                               Door Anchor

Create a safe, temporary anchor point for up to two users
using most single door frames. Designed to be installed
on frames from 60cm to 125cm wide. Comes complete with a carry bag.

" Material: Aluminium Alloy

" Door frame width range: 60cm - 125cm

" Net Weight: 4.73 kg ± 100kg

" MBL: 13kN

Certified to: EN 795:2012 Type B,TS 16415:2013 Type B and
ANSI Z 359.1:2007

CODE                            Description                                                   
QSI802                         Door Anchor                                                



                              Concrete Anchor

Create a sturdy anchor point in a solid concrete structure
with the Concrete Anchor. Simply drill a 19mm diameter
hole, 150 deep into the concrete structure and install the
anchor inside.

" Material: Alloy Steel
" MBL: 5000lbs/23kN
" Net Weight: 150±10g

Certified to: EN 795:2012 and ANSI Z 359.1.2007

CODE                         Description                                                  
QSI16                        Concrete  Anchor                                       


                    Aluminium Anchor Point

Suitable for use with carabiners only.

" Material: Aluminium Alloy
" MBL: 5000lbs/23kN
" Finish: Natural Silver
" Net Weight: 308g
" Product is not supplied with mounting bolts. Refer
  instruction manual for more information.

Certified to: EN 795:2012 Type A and ANSI Z 359.1.2007

CODE                         Description                                                  
QSI16                        Concrete  Anchor