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Safetor EWP-A - Elevated Work Platform Anchor

Safetor is the home of the original height safety anchors.

This EWP anchor complies to the AS/NZS 5532.2013 and the AS/NZS 1891.4.2009 Standards

Anchor Type:
Elevated Work Platform Anchor (EWP-A)

$309.00 NZD + GST & Freight

Anchor Rating:
The rated ultimate capacity for this type of anchors as set out in table
3.1 of AS/NZS 1981.4:2009 is 15kN.

As per AS/NZS1891.4:2009 1 persons — Free fall arrest = 15kN

Finish Coating:
Kulorthene Series ABCITE® thermoplastic powder coatings have been
developed specifically for enhanced long term corrosion protection, high impact strength
and excellent exterior weathering.

EPDM Washers:
2 x EPDM washers 4.5mm x 100mm OD x 16mm ID are supplied with all EWP-A - Elevated Work Platform Anchors. This protects the coating on the anchors and creates a barrier stopping any contact between the steel anchor and the aluminium cage floor thus eliminating any corrosion.


The Safetor EWP-A - Elevated Work Platform anchor is designed to be fixed to the floor of any Safety Cage as shown in photo or to any flat sound structural platform or surface.

1. You should always seek advice from a structural engineer before installing any height safety anchor points to
    any buildings or structures
2. All height safety anchors should be used as restraint anchors only
3. The anchors should be inspected annually and immediately prior to each use, by a competent person, as defined in
    AS/NZS 1191.4:2009.
4. No structural repairs or modification shall be carried out to the anchors without the express
    approval of Collins Corporation Ltd

Download Brochure

Operators must wear a harness with the following MEWPs:

    • truck-mounted boom lift 
    • self-propelled boom lift
    • trailer-mounted boom lift (cherry pickers)
    • vertical masts, where manufacturer recommends a harness
    • any other boom-type lift, including spider lifts
    • that has a knuckle or pivot arrangement
    • any machine where a risk assessment shows it is necessary.
  • Operators in boom-style MEWPs must wear a safety harness with a lanyard – fitted with a short energy absorber or self-retracting lifeline (SRL). The harness must be attached to a certified anchor point. If using an adjustable lanyard, make it as short as practical to keep the operator inside the platform. Select a lanyard length based on the size of the platform of the MEWP being used.
  • Anchor points should be as close to the platform floor as possible


Only competent users who have received training should use this equipment.
(Refer to the AS/NZS 1891.4:2009 recommendations concerning selection, use and maintenance.)

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