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Safetor PPE for Height Safety 

QSI safety produce some of the best height safety gear on the market.

We could tell you all about the great features of the QSI Safety harnesses, the ultra-strong stitch patterns QSI use on the lanyards, or the high-grade steel and aluminium used in QSI Safety hardware. But all you really want to know is, does the gear actually work! QSI Safety know it does -We know it works and so does IANZ.

IANZ Accredited
QSI Safety are New Zealand’s first IANZ Accredited AS/NZS 1891 Standard Height Safety Laboratory.
QSI Safety are accredited by IANZ to test height safety gear to the AS/NZS 1891.1:2007, AS/NZS 1891.3 and AS/NZS 5532 standards. This means every product QSI Safety make has been tested to the most stringent standards. It also means QSI Safety are more than just a “visual inspector” - they don’t just look at gear, they put it through its paces to ensure it’s fit for purpose and won’t let you down.

Onsite Testing
By having their own testing facility on site gives QSI Safety the unique opportunity to take their products to the limit multiple times throughout the development process instead of relying on fewer, more expensive tests in a foreign lab. This allows them to identify and solve problems quickly, greatly reducing development costs, resulting in a better and more affordable product for their customers.

Flexibility and Affordability
Customising is a speciality of QSI Safety. They love to work alongside Their customers to develop tailor-made products that meet their unique requirements. QSI Safety do not tell you what you need, They listen, collaborate, and find solutions. This begins with custom printed bags, lanyard and harness labels with your company logo, and extends through to custom designed harnesses specific to the needs of you and your industry. As an IANZ Accredited Lab, QSI Safety can quickly test any customised products to ensure they continue to meet all the relevant standards.

Maximise every Dollar
In today’s market we understand the need to maximise every dollar and we’re committed to bringing you the highest quality products at the most competitive prices

 QSI Range of Height Safety Products
 Harnesses   Ascenders & Desenders
Cable Blocks
Chest Centre Lanyard - 2 Hooks, 1 D-Ring   
Qtech Shield Helmet - Climbing (EN12492) - Fluro Yellow 

Mech Glove - Syn Leather/Spandex 

Large Single Pulley - Floating Arms with Top Attach Points 
Chest Centre Lanyard
  Qtech Shield Helmet
Mech Gloves
Pulleys & Swivels

Basic 4 Pulley Rescue System. 12m Rescue Distance, Inc Rescue Pole 

Dynamic Confined Space Spreader Bar 

FR Harness Vest w/ Front & Back Attachment Opening + SBE2KQR
Rescue Kits
  Tripod & Winches
Rescue  Accessories
Harness Accessories

Scaffold Height Safety Kit 
1.8m Twin Leg Shock Lanyard w/ 1 D/A Hook & 2 Giant Alum Scaffhook 

Material Handling Strap Handle 

Carabiner Steel Triple Locking - Offset Shape - 25KN 
   Lanyards Material Handling Tools
 Carabiner & Hooks

2m Micron Block Retractable Lanyard with Double Action Hook 
Adjustable 12mm Rope P/Strap with RG005 & MH009 Hook 

Full Body White PVC Harness Dorsal D-ring - Frontal Webbing Loops 

Paint Tin Carry Belt 
Micron Block
  Pole Strap
 PVC Harnesses
Restraint Systems
2.5m Retractable Lanyard
8mm Kernmantle Prussic Rope 

Rope Eye Protector - 12-16mm 

Rope Grab - Steel - 1900kg Breaking Strain 
Retractable Lanyards
   Ropes Rope Accessories
Rope Grabs

Cross Arm Sling - 84cm 
4 Man Temporary Horizontal Rope Anchorage Line 

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E: nick@roofanchors.co.nz

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