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Safetor Anchor Network Support (SANS)

Safetor Network
The Safetor Anchor Network Support (SANS) is made up of a number of height safety professionals from around New Zealand, as part of the network we invited an interdependent structural engineer and a retired career public servant very experienced in occupational safety and health who worked for the Department of labour, OSH and the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment in Wellington, New Plymouth and Hawkes Bay for 48 + years who has join the network also a representative from Dulux Powder Coatings NZ, Richard Jonkers has joined our Network

Why the network was formed
We formed this network because we all felt the current height safety industry was unsatisfactory/dangerous and getting worse each year. All though there are organizations already in place in New Zealand we find that the people involved within these organizations have their own agendas. On a number of occasions we have been told by some of their members that they have a way of getting around the regulations or standards. This is unacceptable as lives can be put at risk through short cuts being taken. Most of us within the Safetor Network have been witness to this as being part of those organizations themselves.

First Meeting

The first meeting was held in Napier at the end of February 2017 it was mandatory that any one wishing to be included in the the Network had to attend the meeting, some 15 companies were represented from Christchurch to Auckland. All were advised at the outset of the meeting that there will be zero tolerance for short cuts taken installing Safetor height safety systems as lives can be at risk. All Safetor anchors installed by members of the network must have a PS1 and PS4.

Tim Pike
The main speaker was Tim Pike of Sigma Consulting Engineers. Tim Pike has been working in the engineering field for more than 30 years and has extensive experience in structural design. Tim is a member of the Institute of Professional Engineers NZ / NZ Structural Engineering Society and the NZ Society for Sustainability + Eng.Science. Tim has degrees in: B Eng. Hons Civil, NZCE (Civil), CPEng, IntPE,(NZ) GSNZAP.

Tim is currently booked on a course to obtain NZQA 15757 which will give him a better understanding
identify the different types of fall arrest systems employed on building and construction sites, apply the appropriate controls for compliance with the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 (HSE Act) and other relevant legislation, identify and maintain height work equipment and fall arrest systems, identify and construct anchor points for fall arrest systems and employ fall arrest systems, also
plan rescue techniques and emergency procedures for working at height when using fall arrest systems. Tim is at present registering with councils around New Zealand to issue PS1' & PS4's  

Murray Thomson
Murray Thomson is a retired career public servant very experienced in occupational safety and health and holds a Diploma in Occupational Health Practices (Otago University). Murray worked for the Department of Labour as a Factory Inspector and then a Health and Safety Inspector. Murray also held various management positions with the Dept of Labour, OSH and the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment in Wellington, New Plymouth and Hawkes Bay. Murray has over 48 years of health and safety experience and is currently providing advice and information to Collins Corporation Ltd and is prepared to extend that to those participating in new Network SANS. Murray states "health and safety has been a life time interest which since retiring it has become a hobby. I am therefore happy to provide a service to those participating in SANS free of charge".

Annual Audits
Two audits will be carried out each year by Tim Pike and if any members fail the audit they are no longer in the Network.